At Mediation Mosaic, we mediate the following types of disputes:


Mediation of General Disputes in which a lawsuit has not been filed.

General Disputes can include money or financial issues such as property damage, informal loans, and consumer disputes with merchants or service providers. General Disputes may also include the sale, repossession, towing, or repair of a motor vehicle and landlord/tenant disputes regarding repairs, deposits, or other matters.


Mediation of Active Civil Litigation Cases

These types of mediation can involve:

  • Personal injury
  • Contracts
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Employment Law
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Lawsuits over loans or credit cards (debt collection)
  • Home Owners Association/Property Owner disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Probate
  • Elder Law Issues
  • Other civil matters


Mediation of Divorce, Child Custody/Visitation/Support, and Modifications

These types of cases can be Mediated whether or not a lawsuit has been filed.  There is no need to hire an attorney before mediation in a divorce. Mediation prior to filing for divorce saves time and legal fees because the parties can ask the court for an uncontested divorce – with an agreement and without the need for both parties to be represented by counsel. Mediating divorce cases can reap huge benefits. Mediation can protect you and your children from the ugliness of an adversarial proceeding in court. Court proceedings and trials are not only hard on the parties, but the children can suffer as well. Mediation helps parents start the habit of working together to co-parent and act in the best interest of their children.

These types of mediation can involve:

  • Temporary Orders
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Child support
  • Establishment of paternity
  • Modification of custody/visitation/support
  • Post-divorce disputes regarding the children
  • Grandparent access or custody
  • Property Division
  • Common Law Separations or Divorce

Please CLICK HERE to see a list of documents to bring to Mediation for your divorce case.


Mediation of Wills or Probate Matters

  • Estate Planning – issues or disputes arising during estate planning
  • Disputes between Trustee and Beneficiary
  • Disputes regarding distribution of funds or other assets
  • Disputes over Guardianships
  • Disputes over Conservatorships


Mediation of Family and Elder Care Matters*

  • Elder care – Decisions involving the health, well-being, or financial management of seniors
  • Adult mediation
  • Family disputes
  • Disputes over Guardianships
  • Disputes over Conservatorships

*These Mediations can often be handled as a one or two hour session.  Parties to specialized mediations, such those involving elder care, may benefit from consultation with medical professionals and caregivers, or other professionals.


Mediations involving Children’s Protective Services, Juvenile Issues, Minor Victim-Offender Matters

These types of Mediations can involve:

  • Removal of children from the home/Return of children to the home
  • Minor Juvenile offenses, such as property damage, minor assault
  • Eligibility for/appropriateness of year-round schooling or special education programs
  • Mediations between Parents, CPS, Guardians, and Grandparents
  • Missing school

Mediation of Workplace Disputes

  • Interpersonal Conflicts between employees
  • Conflicts between management and employees
  • Harrassment
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Mediation fees are charged at a fixed rate per hour for two parties, without regard to the nature, amount in controversy, or complexity of the case. As a general rule, each party pays half of the fee. In the event that there are more than two parties, additional parties also pay an additional fee.

No mediation schedule is confirmed until each party has paid their share of the fee.


Short one or two hour sessions are available where appropriate.  Family rates can be available upon request.

Half-day sessions are available at a set fee per party.  See cancellation policy.

When more time is needed, a full day of mediation is available at a set fee per party, based on eight (8) hours.  See cancellation policy.

If the mediation extends past eight (8) hours for a full-day or four (4) hours for a partial-day, each party will be charged an additional hourly fee. Please be prepared to provide a firm check, cash, or a credit card to make payment at the mediation for any overtime fees.

Co-Mediation is available on request.  Co-Mediation is when you have two mediators working together with all of the parties.

A cancellation fee will be charged to the canceling parties for a mediation canceled fourteen (14) days or more prior to the scheduled mediation date.   Otherwise, mediation fees, once paid and scheduled, are non-refundable.  If the mediation is rescheduled and conducted, the funds will be applied toward the rescheduled mediation.  We will make every prudent effort to work with you, your client, and your schedule.

*Mediation fees will be invoiced through Square.  Payments accepted are cash, credit, debit, cashier’s checks, money orders or Firm checks.



Please notify Mediation Mosaic of any Special Needs. The venues that we use for mediation are all handicap and wheelchair accessible.


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